Services Offered at Twin Peak Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness Consultations with Sharon -$75 – This is an hour long consult where we will work together to address nutritional and emotional needs.  The Session includes a health history, Zyto-Compass Scan (see description below) and email follow up with suggestions to help you on your journey to optimize your health and well-being.

Sharon brings decades of expertise guiding trusted supplement and wellness choices for optimal well-being in Body, Mind and Spirit. 


Heart Centered Hypnotherapy –1 hour 30 minutes • $100; This therapy can help individuals access the subconscious in a safe and relaxed state, revealing root causes of challenges in body, mind, and spirit.


Aromatherapy Energy Healing with Reiki by Sharon – $75 (45 minute session)

Sharon brings decades of expertise and is passionate about facilitating the innate healing process using the vehicle of Energy Medicine and Reiki. The essential oils heighten awareness and optimize the experience so you leave feeling restored, refreshed and renewed in body, mind, and spirit. This practice is done on a themo-infrared, Amythyst mat that promotes relaxation and the curative power of the body.

Reiki is a Japanese Technique that facilitates relaxation, healing, and emotional balance. 


Reiki and Biomat Therapy

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Organic Fresh Food Drop

Orders can be placed online and picked up every other Thursday.


Swedish Massage with Jasmin Villanueva Please email Jasmin for an appointment:

BioMat Therapeutic Sessions

The BioMat can be used for deep relaxation or pain relief from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or sciatica.  Lower settings are used for recharging and rejuvenation; relief from asthma, allergies, and headaches.  Helpful treatment for Autism.  Sauna settings are used for extreme detox, weight-loss and intense healing.

Relaxation and Healing sessions on the BioMat are available in  30 min increments. Clients purchasing time on the BioMat will be on a massage table fully clothed in a private setting for the designated amount of time purchased and Twin Peaks offers package deals.  Contact us at:  (425)888-3222 or

Read more here to learn more about the Benefits of the Biomat.

Don’t have your own BioMat?  Come in for a BioMat Relaxation and Healing Session!


Personal Tainer Janine Barbanell
BS, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, NASM-CPT

Cell: 425-761-5706
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Hydration Station–Kangen Water
Change your water, change your life.

$3 gallon,
Machines available
Twin Peaks offers 9.5 pH Electronically Ionized Alkaline water which offers ultimate hydration. Hydration is the foundation of optimal well being.


Zyto-Compass Scan – $25; Galvanized Skin Response –  The original wellness scanner that provides individuals insights into their biological coherence to nutritional products, oils, and supplements.  See how it works


 Chi Machine – Based on an ancient Japanese technique of gently rocking the body back and for from the ankles this machine can benefit:

  • oxygenation of body,
  • toxin elimination
  • lymph drainage
  • improved circulation
  • temporary relief from muscle pain
  • energy
  • mental focus
  • relaxation
  • daily movement of the body is the foundation of health and wellness